First Earl I See Tonight - Anna Bennett

I love reading historical romance where the hero or heroine are so much more than society dictates. During this time, we'd see many ladies trying to gain a title or secure a higher title. Appearances are more important than what's on the inside. Yet the First Earl I See Tonight takes that notion and spins it on its head with Fiona Hartley. What starts out as a marriage of convenience turns into the perfect love match. Only they don't know it.

And thawing the Earl of Ravenport will take time. And authenticity. Which Fiona has in spades. They both have their reasons for marriage, none of which are love. Though in the end, it's love that keeps them together. (awwww...)

The first of a new series (Debutante Diaries) leaves me quite excited for the next coupling. If you're looking for good fun with unique characters, Anna Bennett is an excellent bet.

Steam level: 3.5

Subgenre: Historical Romance

First in Series


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